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Alteon Master
Contact 500-201

This advanced Alteon training is for technical staff involved in the installation and maintenance of a Radware Alteon ADC switch, Series 4 to Series 8. The course reviews standalone Load Balancing covered in the foundation course (#500-101) and continues with Advanced content server load balancing, transparent SLB, and Global SLB. In addition, the course covers advanced setup of SSL offloading, as well as software upgrades for ADC features, advanced debugging, and installation & configuration of Intelligent Traffic Management. All topics are explained in theory and implemented using hands-on lab exercises via remote access to a lab.

Horarios alternativos

Argentina (GMT-3)*
10:00 - 15:00 hrs

Europa / Madrid (GMT+1) *

*Preguntar a la asesora comercial*
Location México
Duración: 4 Days 00 hours 00 minutes
Precio de Lista: $4,000 usd mas IVA
Estatus: Se aceptan registros
09-Nov-2020 500-100
Alteon Professional
11-Nov-2020 500-101
Alteon Specialist
17-Nov-2020 500-201
Alteon Master
30-Nov-2020 500-LP-NG
Linkproof NG
07-Dec-2020 100-101
AppWall NG Technical
09-Dec-2020 300-101
Defense Pro Level 1
14-Dec-2020 300-201ERT
Defense Pro ERT Security

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