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• Get started using AWS
Get an introduction to cloud computing and AWS.

* AWS Technical Essentials (AWSE)
AWS Business Essentials (AWSBE)
* AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials (CP-ESS)

• AWS System Architecture
Learn to design applications and systems.

* Architecting on AWS (AWSA)
* Advanced Architecting on AWS (AWSAA)
* AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional Certification Workshop (ACSAP)
* Architecting on AWS Accelerator (ARCH-AX)
* Planning and Designing Databases on AWS (PD-DB)

• AWS Development
Learn to develop cloud applications.

* Developing on AWS (AWSD)
* DevOps Engineering on AWS (AWSDEVOPS)

• AWS Operations
Learn to create automatable and repeatable deployments of applications, networks, and systems.

* Systems Operations on AWS (AWSSYS)
* DevOps Engineering on AWS (AWSDEVOPS)

• AWS Specialization
Gain knowledge about AWS security services or big data solutions.

Security Engineering on AWS (AWSSO)
* Big Data on AWS (BDAWS)
* Migrating to AWS (AWSM)
* Deep Learning on AWS (AWSDL)
* Practical Data Science with Amazon SageMaker (PDSASM)

• AWS Serverless
Gain knowledge about Serverless AWS services.

* Building a Serverless Data Lake on AWS (BSDL)