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SecureSphere System Administration v.12
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In this 2 day hands-on training course, students will learn:

  • How to install and maintain SecureSphere system components including the Management Server, Gateway, and Agents.
  • How ensure connectivity among SecureSphere components and commonly integrated network devices.
  • How to perform initial SecureSphere administration and configuration tasks that align with an organization’s architecture and specific requirements or follow Imperva best practices.
  • Common cross functional tasks such as object creation, policy creation, basic rule understanding, system alert interpretation, and report generation.
  • Advanced techniques to externalize the information collected by all major SecureSphere product lines.

Horarios alternativos

Argentina (GMT-3)*
10:00 - 15:00 hrs

Europa / Madrid (GMT+1) *

*Preguntar a la asesora comercial*

Location México
Duración: 2 Days 00 hours 00 minutes
Precio: $1,250.00 usd mas IVA
Estatus: Se aceptan registros

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